Corporate Finance & Consulting (CFC) is a consulting firm specialised in Banking & Financial intermediation services. Our activities also extend to Management Assistance, Staff training and Recruitment, Projects study and Monitoring targeted to SMEs/SMIs, Corporate, Multinational and Parastatal entities.
Our expertise covers the following services:

- Banking Intermediation and Finance
- Cost-killing and Resources optimization
- Assistance in Management and Business Administration
- Recovery and loan management
- Projects study and finance mobilization
- Training, Recruitment and Skills Development

Our experts have strong and proven experiences at top-ranking positions within the banking sector and are therefore acquainted with the latest and most sophisticated Management and Resources mobilization techniques and mechanisms.
Indeed, throughout their long careers within both national and international banks, they have built a strong reputation in banking facilities structuring, resources mobilization, loans management and recovery, projects management, cost-killing, cash-flow management and business administration
Furthermore, we have a good command of English and French and do deliver the same quality service in both languages.

Our experts have a solid and proven experience in banking finance mobilization and client relationship for having managed and raised funds for various institutions, including small, medium and large corporate. We are particularly skilled at assisting companies operating in various sectors such as the following:

- General trading and distribution
- Commodities
    Coffee & Cocoa
    Cashew nut and cotton
    Palm Oil
- Construction & Building
    Real estate
    Bridges and Roads construction
- Telecommunications
    Mobile operators
    Land line operators
    Pylons and shelters builders
- Oil and gas
- Airline and Travel agencies
- Shipping industry (Transit and auxiliary transport)
- Timber and Printing,
- Automobile and Metal Industry
- Financial institutions
    Microfinance institutions
    Insurance companies and insurance brokers
    Pension funds
- International Organizations
- Professional Organisations