Corporate Finance & Consulting is committed to providing your business with tailored solutions especially designed for your specific needs.


Banking intermediation and finance

Experts of Corporate Finance & Consulting have full control of Finance and the mechanisms of resources mobilization, and are at your disposal to give you the necessary assistance in presenting a trustworthy and reliable project to banks and other financial institutions. They work closely with you in all your dealings with banks and financial institutions.


Cost killing and resources optimization

Your sales have fallen sharply and you have lost significant market shares. Unfortunately, your expenses and overheads are hardly falling and tend to follow paths upward, thereby negatively impacting your profitability. Our staff has an excellent knowledge of cost reduction and resources optimization techniques. We pledge to assist you in finding ways and means to restore the balance of your accounts.


Assistance in management and business administration

With several years of work experience in Corporate Relationship Management within the banking industry, the experts of Corporate Finance & Consulting are by your side and will perform the operational diagnosis of your business, assist you in devising and implementing the right business strategies in order to facilitate the development of your activities in the Short, Medium and Long Term. We also extend our expertise to cash-flow management and make it a point of honor to examine your operation and investment cycles with a view to determining your financial needs.
Finally, through a SWOT analysis, we shall propound tailor-made solutions to address your particular situation, thus helping your company get trouble-free, into a lasting growth.


Loan restructuring and recovery

Your relationships with your creditors (suppliers and banks) have deteriorated as a consequence of your inability to meet your financial obligations towards them. You are continually threatened with prosecution and remain worried about the sustainability of your business. We have the expertise to assist you as we have successfully led several loans restructurings and countless debt collection missions for our customers facing the same situation. Our expertise also extends to recovery for we have the negotiations skills and techniques to get your money paid back under reasonable deadlines.


Project study and management

You have a project, but limited resources for its implementation or do not know how you go about the format to raise the necessary resources from banks and other financial institutions. Taking advantage of the anticipated economy growth, it is advisable to entrust your project to professionals whose expertise is well established. In fact, our staffs have performed credit applications and raised financial resources for several corporate throughout their careers, and will develop very close assistance to enable you to reach your goals.


Training, Recruitment and Skills Development

Human resources being the key success factor of your business, Corporate Finance & Consulting will assist you in recruiting quality, competent and motivated staff to help you achieve your social goals. To this end, we will provide you with a large talent pool, primarily composed of Executives from top Universities, who have made excellence and quality works their lifestyle. In addition, through our Training & Coaching solution, we will assist your staff in identifying their shortcomings and propose capacity building solutions accordingly.